I’m a Columbia-trained, board-certified psychiatrist and an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in Columbia University.

I believe that science has shown us that treatment for behavioral health struggles are best treated with a comprehensive approach addressing our lifestyle, biology, spirituality, social support as well as mindset.

I’ve had the privilege of sharing these principles via print media, social media as well as web-based media such as WebMD.

I have the pleasure of serving as a consultant for NBA players and staff through the NBPA Health and Wellness initiative.

Dr. Mirhom is a Columbia-trained, board-certified psychiatrist. He is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in Columbia University. He completed his adult psychiatry training in the Mount Sinai Health System and his fellowship in Columbia University Medical Center. He currently teaches public psychiatry fellows in Columbia University and is a renowned national speaker on mental health and wellness. He is also a consultant for the NBPA (National Basketball Player Association) to assist NBA players and staff with mental health needs.

He has presented at several regional and national conferences over the course of his career. He is also a contributing author of “Neuroscience for Psychiatrists”, “Master the Boards”, and “Women’s pearls: a guide to women’s mental health.”

He treats a wide variety of psychiatric disorders including anxiety, depression, OCD, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance use, and bipolar disorder.

What Our Patients Say

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